Comfortable Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment Rental Options That Support You.

Facedown Positions

The Easy Rest Support System is an exclusive vitrectomy recovery equipment package from All recovery positions are included inlcuding seated support, bed support (2 alternatives), and table support.

Seated Support

The Seated Support position utilizes the East...

Bed Support

The Bed Support allows you to sleep comfortably...

Table Support

The Table Support position allows you to place...

What Our Customers Are Telling Us...

“I wanted to thank you for developing this very useful and flexible system.  After my vitrectomy, I really did not have an idea of the strain physically (neck, shoulder, lower back) and mentally (no real physical or mental activity) that would occur over the 2 weeks.  I specifically had no concept of the difficulty of sleeping face-down.  Your system was invaluable in helping me through this period.”

Steve R. 

“Just a note of appreciation for all the help and words of encouragement during my two weeks of “face down” recovery.  I could not have survived without the help of your face support system.  I have had two back surgeries and find it difficult to sleep any other wany except on my back,  The face support enabled me to sleep face down in relative comfort”

Cora C. 

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Vitrectomy Recovery Positions

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